Call of the Dragon

Raven's Pass

After going to the shadey tavern and starting the trouble they were looking to find in the first place, Reginald and Derellium barely escape being captured, and surely jailed, by the towns guard for starting the fight. They made it back to the inn were our adventures were staying and went straight to their rooms to retire for the evening.
The next day the monk came to lead them to the temple, On their way out of town the Mayer came to try and see if he could convince them to take care of a kobold problem he was having before they left for the temple. Though his offer was inticing the monk reminded them that they needed to finish their quest for Tchazzar before they took on any others.
Our adventurers started up the path to the temple but found it had been blocked by A frost worm that had knocked down most a forest onto the road. The only path left to them now was Ravens pass. A pass said to have never been successfully traveled in over a decade.
Not to be bested by the potential dangers of a forest our adventurers went head first into Ravens pass.
After finding out the secrets of the fire trees, and sinking sand, and besting the likes of direwolves and tendriculouses our adventurers have finally found themselves at the temple of Tchazzar.
But what evil still lurks in the temple and its catacombs?
Can your adventurers clear it in time to save their friend?



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