Call of the Dragon

Into the dragons den

Upon reaching the temple our groups finds that the priest that has been guiding them along has withheld information and grill him for the info. Once he begins to talk lightning strikes him dead. The group then head into the temple to see what has happened, and what awaits them.
The group figures out the secret of the temple and make their way into the crypts below.
Once in the crypts they find they have been overrun with Hobgoblins. Routing the hobgoblins as they go our adventurers make their way deeper into the crypts. After sovling the puzzle leading into the inner most chamber of the crypt the enter to find 3 hobgoblins turning a red dragon into a dracolitch. Doing everything they can to stop the process the goblins are still able to turn the dragon…who then turns on them helping our adventures clear the goblins. But the dragon is an abomination and our adventurers kill it, find its phylactery and destroy it ensuring that the dracolitch will never be able to return.

What now? Will Tchazzar keep his word and return Alerach to the land of the breathing?



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